Yongan Kangjian Pharmaceutical (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yongan Pharmaceutical (stock code: 002365) with a registered capital of 110 million yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise located in the beautiful Optics Valley of China. It has successively won honorary titles such as "Scientific and Technological Small and Medium-sized Enterprise of Hubei Province", "Wuhan Scientific and Technological Giant", and "Gazelle Enterprise".


With a global perspective, Yongan Kangjian has established a health industry chain with taurine as its core product, and focuses on promoting the R&D, manufacture and import and export business of health food, medical nutrition, special diet and dietary supplements. Relying on the global leading position of the parent company, Yongan Kangjian strives to become the leading brand and benchmark in functional diet and nutritional supplements industry.


Adhering to the tenet of "Development through technological innovation" Yongan Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd constantly invest in R&D and constantly innovates. In order to continuously improve the core competitiveness of the products, Yongan Health Pharmaceutical has established joint laboratories with many well-known scientific research institutions and enterprises at home and abroad. The company has established a complete "YATEK®" product R&D system which involved in multiple key technical links of product R&D process such as functional factor screening, formulation,and evaluation. Yongan Kangjian Pharm maximized the efficiency of the development of functional dietary nutrition products by adopting a variety of advanced patented modular formulation technologies. Yongan Kangjian Pharmaceutical has successively participated in the "Blueberry anthocyanin Extraction and Industrial Application in Eye Health Intervention" joint project with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and jointly launched the "Marine Low-value Fish Protein Functional Peptide Series Product Development and Industrial Chain Construction" project with the State Oceanic Administration. Yongan Kangjian has independently participated and completed many key technology research and industrialization development of multiple functional nutritional factors including the "3551 Talent" project "Research and Industrialization of Microalgae Shark Acid Compound Nutrients" as well as the “Key Technologies and Application of Lipid Functional Food Quality and Safety Control”.


In order to ensure the safety of raw material supply and product quality, Yongan Kangjian Pharmaceutical selects high-quality raw materials on a global scale. On the basis of the production area, an intelligent sunshine sharing manufacturing platform with a production area of 30,000m² has been created.


With the rise of "big health" as a national strategy, Yongan Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. actively responded to the national "National Nutrition Plan", advocated safer and more scientific nutritional solutions, and focused on serving people with special nutritional needs, including functional nutritional foods. , health food, special dietary food.


Yongan Kangjian Pharmaceutical can provide customers with complete product solutions and global brand supply chain services. With a forward-looking strategic vision, the company actively grafts international resources, establishes domestic and foreign production bases, and realizes complementary advantages. Gradually form a large pattern of integrated development of "Chinese capital + overseas brands".


To work for human health is the historical mission of Yongan Kangjian Pharmaceutical. We will take "Benefit, Responsibility, Diligence and Excellence" as the core value concept to benefit mankind and achieve excellence!